Vegans about Town

My Thai Vegan Cafe Serves up My Fav Vegan Food in Boston!

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You know what’s the BEST? Going to a restaurant where everything on the menu is VEGAN! Since it’s not a common occurrence for us, though – to have a menu set on our table that’s fully vegan-dedicated, it can take some getting used to. It’s just so ingrained in us to ask our waiter or […]

Quinoa and Black Bean Mexican Medley

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We were in lovely Greenwich, Connecticut this past extended holiday weekend to take Owen to a swim clinic and to stay for a visit with our friends, Jen and Jeremy (and their two super-cute sons, Nate and Nash). They recently moved into a new house, so I was really excited to see it… and them! At the same […]

Twenty Years, Two Vegans, One Sweet Grass Grill

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Yes, Earth, Wind & Fire, I do remember the 21st night of September! (You know that song, right? Love was changing the minds of pretenders… While chasing the clouds away…) September 21, 1996: Dave and I got married! September 21, 2016 (one week ago tomorrow): We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary together at a very vegan-friendly restaurant called Sweet Grass Grill, in the […]

My Happy Vegan Campers

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My boys took their annual father-son camping trip together this past weekend. They drove about 100 miles north to a beautiful state park on Lake Umbagog in Errol, New Hampshire, paddled their canoe 45 minutes out to a little island, set up their tent, and enjoyed the heck out of themselves for three whole days… without me (or anyone else) around. […]

Frickin’ Foie Gras, Man

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I feel really pissy about this. A new restaurant just opened up down the road from us that looks like it’s nice inside and has gotten some good reviews so far. We had a look at the menu online, knowing it’d be meat and seafood heavy – as is the case with most places, but we […]

Vegans in Steak Country

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Are you enjoying watching the Olympics, or what? I’ve been absolutely glued to my T.V. during the swimming events, especially. Swimming is kinda my thing – I’ve been a competitive swimmer throughout most of my life, and now I spend a lot of my time – just about everyday, just about all year long – […]

My Big Fat Green (Elephant) Birthday

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I love a birthday! It doesn’t matter who’s it is, I just love them. So, this year for mine, when my husband turned what I thought would be a nice, normal family dinner out into a flair-filled restaurant experience to rival any 4-year-old’s party, I felt like the best-celebrated 44-year-old out there. It doesn’t take […]