Jackfruit: Meet the Funky Fruit that’s Cropping up Everywhere (including in your tacos)

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Among the excellent abundance of meat alternatives available to us these days, there is… JACKFRUIT! Granted, unlike tofu and other soy derivatives often used to replace meat, jackfruit doesn’t provide much protein, however that’s made up for by way of its significant amounts of potassium and vitamin B as well as some E, magnesium, iron, […]

(Maybe not the Best, but Quite Possibly the Best) Vegan Lentil Burgers

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I can’t tell you how many veggie burgers and veggie burger recipes I come across as a vegan blogger. Ingredient combinations are practically endless, so there are a lot of choices out there, and, of course, everyone likes to claim theirs is “The Best.” For fear of making the other burgers in my life feel bad […]

French Onion Soup A La My Dutch-German Dave

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Soooo… It’s been yet another pitifully gray and rainy week for us. It’s typical during this time of year in Maine, and for some things (like for the grass and forsythia and pretty spring daffodils) it’s good, but for other things (like walking outside without getting wet) it’s bad. Man, I’m jonesin’ to see the sun for at least a few […]

Vegan Quiche (for our exactly zero eggs Easter)

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It’s decided! Easter brunch at our house will include Quiche and Bloody Marys!! (Bloody Marys for me and Dave, that is; Owen will have an orange juice & vanilla seltzer… shaken, not stirred.) Followed by an afternoon of tye-dyeing t-shirts instead of coloring eggs, because… you know… eggs are zero percent vegan. But, back to the […]

Macaroni & Milk (It's just like mac-n-cheese... without the cheese)

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OK, so today I give you… dun da da… MACARONI & MILK! Yup, this is actually a thing at my house. We cook elbow macaroni, put it in a cereal-type bowl, add unsweetened almond milk on top, stir in vegan butter, salt it, then pop it in the microwave until it’s hot (or, you can do this […]

Creamy, Curry Black Bean Soup's ON!

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It’s been another cold and snowy week here in Maine, so it seemed right to make some of my world-famous black bean soup. Ok, so it’s not world-famous. But I kinda feel like maybe it should be! Try it, and let me know what you think: CURRY BLACK BEAN SOUP Ingredients: 1  15.5 oz. can […]

Farro Fiesta Salad - Bursting with Flavor and Bound to be a Favorite

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Farro is a grain that’s rich in fiber, protein, calcium, and magnesium as well as Vitamins A, B, C, and E, making it similar to quinoa nutritionally – however, it’s closer to brown rice in its nuttier taste. Although farro is traditionally rooted in Italian cuisine, it’s just like any other grain in that we can […]