Believe Me! It's Vegan Butter.

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Not too long ago, I “discovered” Wayfare butter. I was psyched! It’s vegan, it tastes great, and it’s palm oil-free (a very important point for me)! That it was sold at the small natural food store near us was icing on the cake. So close, so available, so convenient! But then, all of sudden, Wayfare […]

Perfect Vegan Muffins

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, muffins are really just breakfast cake. And, if you’re gonna eat cake for breakfast, then it/they better be good and worth the calories, right? I think you’ll find these are! Fluffy, moist, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, and as irresistibly delicious as any un-vegan muffin I’ve ever had (back in my un-vegan days), these […]

Vegan Quiche (for our exactly zero eggs Easter)

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It’s decided! Easter brunch at our house will include Quiche and Bloody Marys!! (Bloody Marys for me and Dave, that is; Owen will have an orange juice & vanilla seltzer… shaken, not stirred.) Followed by an afternoon of tye-dyeing t-shirts instead of coloring eggs, because… you know… eggs are zero percent vegan. But, back to the […]

Cereal Bowl Sunday - How my Favorite Sports Fans Celebrate the Biggest Game of the Year


Ever since Owen was old enough to stay up to watch the Super Bowl, he and Dave have celebrated with a buffet of cereal – hence the title that ceremonial night has been given at our house: The Cereal Bowl. This has been going on for years. They buy a bunch of cereals (the sugarier the […]

Rise & Shine with This Souped-Up Supergrain Cereal

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Good morning! As a vegan, it’s pretty common for me to be asked WHAT I eat. I don’t mind the question, especially because the answer is so simple: I eat tons of stuff… nothing that comes from an animal, but other than that, sky’s the limit. And, I always like to tell people that one of the coolest things for […]

Smoothie Bowls!

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Browsing about my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I’ve been intrigued – but mostly annoyed – by all the beautiful images of “The Smoothie Bowl.” I mean… what’s the big deal? I put fruit on top of my (vegan) yogurt all the time! Nobody needs to share a recipe with me on how to do that. But as it […]

Good Morning Tofu Scramble

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Although I haven’t missed any particular one food since turning to a plant-based diet, I’ll admit there was a time when I missed the sheer convenience and versatility eggs used to afford me in the morning. A couple of minutes in the pan, and bam, I would have just what I like – a high protein, low carb […]