Basically, Turmeric is Magic

You may be familiar with the use of turmeric in Indian cuisine, but did you know that its usefulness goes far beyond adding a kick of flavor and a touch of yellow color to your food?

I sure didn’t!

It wasn’t until my husband started feeling some indications that he may be developing arthritis in his hands that he did a little research and, lo and behold, found numerous articles and studies suggesting that adding turmeric into his daily regimen could help.

Not only, though, can turmeric – and it’s active component, curcumin – relieve inflammation and joint pain caused by osteoarthritis, but it’s seemingly magical powers have been found to extend to other health benefits as well.

Studies show people taking turmeric have experienced improvements in areas ranging from sleep, weight loss, psoriasis, acne, and depression to eye and liver health. What’s more, researchers on the subject have seen evidence that turmeric can help equip you with defense against serious cancers and life-threatening conditions, including brain tumors, leukemia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, prostate cancer, skin cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Sure… maybe it does… but, at the same time, it also seems like one of those things we can put in the “why not” category. Why not add turmeric into your diet? It’s VEGAN (obviously, it comes straight from a plant); it’s tasty in VEGAN food (curries, tofu scrambles, rice dishes, soups, smoothies, and teas just to name some of the most popular vehicles for the spice); and it’s easily found in VEGAN capsule form to take as a supplement.

For more information, including links to credible studies, click here. Additionally, a quick search on the Mayo Clinic site or on WebMd will open up a plethora of links you can dive into. And, as always, don’t forget it’s a good idea to consult your own doctor regarding side effects, risks, and inactions.

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    I never knew this about Turmeric. Great information!! I passed it along on Facebook as i hope it helps someone.

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