March 2017

Learning Vegan 101 - Part Six (Why you gotta get yourself a cast iron pan)


Vegans – new ones especially – may find themselves fretting about how to get enough iron into their bodies. The concern is real. Iron deficiency (which, by the way, occurs in omnivores, too) can lead to anemia and issues like fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, irritability, increased susceptibility to common illnesses, unwanted weight loss, and other serious health troubles. […]

YES!! Vegan Vanilla Birthday Cake! 

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I CANNOT even believe that I have a son who’s turning 14 years old next week! It feels like only yesterday that I was able to carry him in my arms. Now, at 5’9″ tall, he can pick ME up and carry ME around! Most of you don’t know Owen, but I’m sure all of you can […]

We're Going the Distance for Farm Animals! Wanna Join Us?

On June 10th, Dave, Owen, and I will be participating in the Plant Powered Run & Walk, hosted by our favorite animal advocacy and rescue organization, Farm Sanctuary. We’re super-excited to be supporting Farm Sanctuary – where our family’s move to veganism began – and their efforts to combat cruelty with compassion. This is not one of those […]

Creamy, Curry Black Bean Soup's ON!

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It’s been another cold and snowy week here in Maine, so it seemed right to make some of my world-famous black bean soup. Ok, so it’s not world-famous. But I kinda feel like maybe it should be! Try it, and let me know what you think: CURRY BLACK BEAN SOUP Ingredients: 1  15.5 oz. can […]

Why be Vegan, through the Eyes of my Eighth Grader

I couldn’t be more proud of my son, the future animal rights activist! When given the assignment in his Language Arts class of writing an argumentative essay on any topic, he chose to research and bring to light for his classmates (just some of) the inhumane practices and horrific conditions commonly found on factory farms. He had […]

I Say Avocado, You Say Avocado, Let's Call the Whole Thing Delicious!

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The question, when it comes to avocados, isn’t do you enjoy them. The question really is: Do you enjoy them in all the myriad ways possible? Guacamole, yes! Avocado toast, yes! In salads, yes! On sandwiches and wraps, yes! How about as a creamy sauce for your next pasta supper? YES! Try this: PASTA WITH AVOCADO SAUCE […]

Where's the Beef? Not in these Tasty Vegan Burgers, that's for Sure!

Everyone is pretty excited here in my neck of Southern Maine about Beyond Meat’s new Beyond Burger that became available at our nearest Whole Foods market last week. If you haven’t heard, this burger is the latest meat alternative that has vegans all abuzz – on account of it very closely resembling, cooking like, and tasting like a […]