February 2017

The Not-So-Stylish Side of Leather

I feel confident in assuming that anyone reading this blog agrees with me that wearing fur is one of the worst “fashion” atrocities there is. But what about leather – why doesn’t wearing or lounging on or carrying a bag made out of a cow’s hide elicit the same negative response and bad press as […]

Crispy (Crazy-Easy-to-Make) Kale Chips

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In my experience, I can either spend about six bucks on a small package of pre-made kale chips (if it’s kale chips I’m after), OR I can pay half that amount for a fresh bunch of kale and then just bake my own chips at home. If you like kale chips, OR if you’ve never tried […]

Orangutans, Rainforests, and Rapid Deforestation - Here's why Palm Oil is a Problem

Palm oil comes from palm fruit and is primarily sourced from Southeast Asia. It grows on trees, so – clearly then – it’s NOT sourced from animals. This means it’s vegan-friendly, right? NOT SO FAST! Sure, palm oil isn’t an animal or animal by-product. However, because palm farming very severely impacts rainforests and therefore the lives of animals who call those […]

Three Bean Chili (otherwise known as your next protein-packed winter dinner)

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It’s cold and snowy up here in Maine right now. Just in the past two weeks, we’ve had a blizzard and several other major snowstorms come our way. I’m not complaining… it’s very beautiful – like a wintery wonderland… but the situation does call for a warm bowl of something, that’s for sure! We’ve been […]

Learning Vegan 101 - Part Five: Stocking Your Vegan Pantry (with a little help from this friend)


Every vegan is bound to have a slightly different list of pantry must-haves, but – generally speaking – the basics are the basics are the basics. Here you’ll find the fresh, frozen, dried, canned, boxed, bagged, bottled… etc… foods, spices, condiments, and beverages I make sure our kitchen is always stocked with (or at least […]

Curried Chickpea Salad with Cranberries, Capers, and Walnuts

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This chickpea salad is a fantastic, quick and easy alternative to tuna, chicken, or egg salad. You can make it plain with just a little (vegan) mayo or dress it up with some goodies like I have today: CURRIED CHICKPEA SALAD WITH CRANBERRIES, CAPERS, AND WALNUTS Ingredients:  1 large (19 0z) can chickpeas, drained and rinsed 1/4 […]

Cereal Bowl Sunday - How my Favorite Sports Fans Celebrate the Biggest Game of the Year


Ever since Owen was old enough to stay up to watch the Super Bowl, he and Dave have celebrated with a buffet of cereal – hence the title that ceremonial night has been given at our house: The Cereal Bowl. This has been going on for years. They buy a bunch of cereals (the sugarier the […]