January 2017

Is it Safe to Choose a Plant-Based Diet for Your Dog Friends?

We have two very happy and healthy rescue dogs living with us. Just like us, they eat nothing but plants! Finn and Norman weren’t always on a plant-based diet, but once our family went vegan, we decided that feeding them food made up of other animals was far too at odds with our beliefs and newfound […]

These Sugar Nuts are Highly Enjoyable and in High Demand Over Here

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I don’t ski or snowboard, but whenever Dave and Owen head out for a day on the mountain, they take some love from me with them… In the form of these sugar nuts I make for them (because they make me make them for them) every time they go. Do you have some nuts hanging around the house […]

UPDATED: These Products Make Me Happy... (Or, I'm So Mad at Kiehl's)

Having just published a list of our favorite ethical and eco-friendly household products in my blog post last week, I felt inspired to come back to this one and make some edits, additions, and updates.  You’d be surprised by how often the cruelty-free status of products can change. For one, if ingredients change, status could potentially change. Second, if […]

Penne Melanzana

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Oh yah! Penne Melanzana!! (Or, penne with eggplant for those of you who don’t have your Italian-to-English translator app open right now.) This has always been our favorite entrée to order at (what was) our favorite Italian restaurant near where we live. Was is the operative word here. For reasons I’ll quickly explain, we unfortunately won’t be going […]

Top-Notch Cruelty-Free (and Green) Cleaning Products

(My apologies to those of you who were sent an email with a link to this post WELL before it was actually ready to go out! Following is the real version…) We used to hire a house cleaner to come once every six weeks or so to do a good deep-cleaning job around here – […]

Smoothie Bowls!

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Browsing about my Facebook and Instagram feeds, I’ve been intrigued – but mostly annoyed – by all the beautiful images of “The Smoothie Bowl.” I mean… what’s the big deal? I put fruit on top of my (vegan) yogurt all the time! Nobody needs to share a recipe with me on how to do that. But as it […]

Got (baby calves') Milk?

For a long time – most of my life, really – I thought dairy cows had it made. I thought they were the lucky ones, roaming around without a care in the world because they were being used only for their milk; they weren’t in danger of being slaughtered and ending up packaged as a […]