October 2016

Quinoa Cakes

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Our friend, who has a really cool (and enviable) personal cheffing gig out in Hollywood, California, was kind enough to share his recipe for Quinoa Cakes with me… and you! I’ve modified it to make it vegan by using an egg replacer, but I think Steve would agree I kept their deliciousness intact. They’re kid-friendly, super easy to make, […]

How do Vegans do Halloween?

Last year, as Halloween was approaching, I got a little stressy trying to figure out how Owen should handle the trick-or-treating scene – what with all the non-vegan chocolate and gelatin-containing candy that’s given out on that day. The way I looked at it, he had three choices: He could go trick-or-treating with his group of friends […]

Got an Athlete? Make (Don't Bake) These Energy Balls!

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My son swims… A LOT! Unfortunately, he finds it hard to eat as many calories as he needs to keep up with his growing body and the physical demands he’s putting on it. So, one of the things I take seriously when it comes to his diet is making sure he has good food (with substance) to snack on before and after […]

Quinoa and Black Bean Mexican Medley

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We were in lovely Greenwich, Connecticut this past extended holiday weekend to take Owen to a swim clinic and to stay for a visit with our friends, Jen and Jeremy (and their two super-cute sons, Nate and Nash). They recently moved into a new house, so I was really excited to see it… and them! At the same […]

Learning Vegan 101 - Part Three (Don't B Deficient)


When you feel compassion toward animals and that feeling moves you to become vegan, giving up eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy isn’t a hard thing to do. That my vegan meals lack nothing in the way of variety, flavor, or texture makes the choice to live without a reliance on animal products even easier. […]

Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

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Sauerkraut! Canned is fine, jarred is better, homemade is best! Dave tried his hand at making it himself for the first time a few weeks ago with some red cabbage we had in our fridge. The end product was a milder, crisper, tastier kraut than any kind you’d buy at a market. It was also so easy […]

21 School Lunches - Packed, Eaten, and Vegan!


I’m a repetitive task kind of person at heart. I really am. I’m content doing the same workout everyday I’m at the gym (I think being a competitive swimmer when I was younger taught me that… going up and down the pool, up and down the pool, up and down the pool for two hours straight six […]