September 2016

Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters (Otherwise Known as Aunt Charlotte's Cookies... Kind of)

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My Aunt Charlotte used to make these crazy “cookies” that my high school friends and I – still, to this day – reminisce and rave about. They sound weird and looked even weirder, but trust me, they were quite delectable. Ingredients included a bag of butterscotch morsels, peanuts, and crispy chow mien noodles (you know what I’m […]

Twenty Years, Two Vegans, One Sweet Grass Grill

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Yes, Earth, Wind & Fire, I do remember the 21st night of September! (You know that song, right? Love was changing the minds of pretenders… While chasing the clouds away…) September 21, 1996: Dave and I got married! September 21, 2016 (one week ago tomorrow): We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary together at a very vegan-friendly restaurant called Sweet Grass Grill, in the […]

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (and a Really Good Use for It)

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Vegans and other hummus lovers: Did you know that Subway shops have recently started offering a hummus wrap? It’s a very simple thing… it’s just a spinach wrap with roasted red pepper hummus and whatever raw vegetables you want stuffed in there – and yet, it still took Dave and me a few months of frequenting Subways to feed our eating fresh […]

My Happy Vegan Campers

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My boys took their annual father-son camping trip together this past weekend. They drove about 100 miles north to a beautiful state park on Lake Umbagog in Errol, New Hampshire, paddled their canoe 45 minutes out to a little island, set up their tent, and enjoyed the heck out of themselves for three whole days… without me (or anyone else) around. […]

Hearty Oatmeal Banana Waffles

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My son is a waffle-eating machine! Seriously. His ability to eat them in such massive quantities is really quite special. For supply and demand purposes, I try to always have a few store-bought boxes of Kashi brand (7 grain, with their “new vegan recipe”) in our freezer. But when there’s time, especially on a weekend, I like to whip […]

The Kids are Alright

Last week I was asked by a young woman working at the natural food store in town if my son is vegan by his own choice. I was so proud to be able to say with 100% certainty that YES, he is! I felt that sense of pride not only because Owen has chosen to live a plant-based life (which […]

Broccoli Stuffed Bread

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This just in: Broccoli bread just came out… of the oven! These lovely loaves of heaven on Earth that my husband, Dave, makes are inspired by a little Italian market back in our hometown of Schenectady, New York. He bakes a variety of types here at our house just like they did – and still do – there at […]