August 2016

WHO Wants to Lock Up Vegan Parents WHERE?

Have you heard about the Italian lawmaker who wants to pass a bill that would imprison parents in her country for raising their kids on a vegan diet? Criminalizing veganism? I’m sorry, what?? Is this just a woman who really likes her spaghetti… with meatballs? After a handful of highly publicized malnourishment cases involving vegan boys […]

Summer Tomato & Cucumber Salad

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“Quickly, gentlemen, quickly!” That’s what my son’s soccer coach was known for saying… sternly… across the field when the team wasn’t moving fast enough – and that’s what I’m recommending to you when it comes to making this salad. Tomatoes are in peak season right now; blink and you’ll miss them in their most juicy prime. […]

Could Cory Booker Bring Veganism to the White House?

Just prior to the Olympics grabbing hold of our attention for the past two weeks and wrapping up on Sunday, the Republican and Democratic National Conventions were must-see TV (for me, at least). I watched both conventions as well as the majority of post analysis, riveted by the level of ridiculousness being put out there by both […]

Frickin’ Foie Gras, Man

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I feel really pissy about this. A new restaurant just opened up down the road from us that looks like it’s nice inside and has gotten some good reviews so far. We had a look at the menu online, knowing it’d be meat and seafood heavy – as is the case with most places, but we […]

Traditional Vegan Sausage

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Growing up in an Italian family, sausage with peppers and onions equaled tradition. I remember at almost every large family gathering there being giant disposable tin pans of sausage & peppers in a marinara sauce. The question was: do you want the sweet sausage or the hot? This is what I was brought up on, and it’s a great […]

Vegans in Steak Country

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Are you enjoying watching the Olympics, or what? I’ve been absolutely glued to my T.V. during the swimming events, especially. Swimming is kinda my thing – I’ve been a competitive swimmer throughout most of my life, and now I spend a lot of my time – just about everyday, just about all year long – […]

Vegan Cashew Ricotta Cheese (Or, I had Burrata... Once)

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The thing about cheese is that it’s kinda delicious, so I have to admit I understand why so many people I talk to – including those who’ve already given up meat – say they could never be vegan because they love cheese too much. I get it; for most of my life I was a […]