July 2016

Why am I Vegan?

Sometimes I think the trickiest part about being a vegan is the social part, which involves deciding how vocal we’re willing to be about our lifestyle choices and how to answer the question of why we’ve made those choices. Before giving up all animal products – when I was still eating fish and eggs and […]

My Big Fat Green (Elephant) Birthday

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I love a birthday! It doesn’t matter who’s it is, I just love them. So, this year for mine, when my husband turned what I thought would be a nice, normal family dinner out into a flair-filled restaurant experience to rival any 4-year-old’s party, I felt like the best-celebrated 44-year-old out there. It doesn’t take […]

Learning Vegan 101 - Part One (Q & A)


Saying you’re a vegan is the easy part. Putting the words into action is not as simple. If you’re vegan or heading in that direction – especially if you have kids – you probably know what I’m talking about. There’s a learning curve, isn’t there? There’s so many things to figure out, but for now […]

I Guess We're Vegan Now

Up until recently and for 25 years, I was an ovo-lacto-pesco vegetarian (or Pescatarian for short), meaning I gave up eating meat, but I still ate fish, dairy, and eggs. My husband went meat-free soon after we moved in together, and our son has never eaten meat a day in his 13 years. But by no means […]