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The Vegan Conversation


I think the tides are changing. In greater numbers than ever before, people are turning to a vegan lifestyle (or have started to lean in that direction, at least). Whether we get there because veganism lines up with our respect for animals, our desire to embrace a healthier diet, or our concern for the environment and the future of food on this planet, the point is: THE CONVERSATION is being had! Being recently new to running a plant-based household, my goal is to learn as much as I can – and share with you what I find out – about why it’s necessary to have the important conversations with each other and how to make the switch from talking about going vegan to becoming vegan.

Not vegan in the least bit and think you’ll miss meat too much? You might. But join the conversation anyway!

(Jennifer Gallo is a freelance writer, living in the great state of Maine. She loves her husband, Dave; their awesome son, Owen; extra-exuberant dogs, Finn and Norman; ass-kicking workouts; rearranging furniture; The Real Housewives of all cities; and the motto “Knowledge is Power.” And, she’s a VEGAN!)

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