This Bread is Bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S.

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I know these three things to be true: Baking is a science. I’m terrible at science. Despite truths 1 & 2, I’m not too shabby of a little baker over here! Related truth: I was supposed to make this banana bread a week ago for Thanksgiving – fulfilling a special request from my most favorite […]

Learning Vegan 101 - Part Seven (mysterious, mostly vegan food additives)


My general rule of thumb when I’m out grocery shopping for my family is: The shorter a product’s list of ingredients, the better! However, unless you strictly abide by a raw or whole food diet (which is the way  I’m personally beginning to lean), it’s next to impossible to know what every single ingredient is. […]

Happy Halloween; I Made These Scary-Good Cupcakes with Black Beans

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You guys – I suck! Halloween is four days away, and I haven’t decorated yet… or fashioned any costumes… or even bought – forget about carved – a pumpkin. This is totally and historically unlike me, but when I explain why I’ve been so unmotivated, I know you’ll understand. (Especially if you’re the parent of […]

Jackfruit: Meet the Funky Fruit that’s Cropping up Everywhere (including in your tacos)

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Among the excellent abundance of meat alternatives available to us these days, there is… JACKFRUIT! Granted, unlike tofu and other soy derivatives often used to replace meat, jackfruit doesn’t provide much protein, however that’s made up for by way of its significant amounts of potassium and vitamin B as well as some E, magnesium, iron, […]

Believe Me! It's Vegan Butter.

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Not too long ago, I “discovered” Wayfare butter. I was psyched! It’s vegan, it tastes great, and it’s palm oil-free (a very important point for me)! That it was sold at the small natural food store near us was icing on the cake. So close, so available, so convenient! But then, all of sudden, Wayfare […]

Basically, Turmeric is Magic

You may be familiar with the use of turmeric in Indian cuisine, but did you know that its usefulness goes far beyond adding a kick of flavor and a touch of yellow color to your food? I sure didn’t! It wasn’t until my husband started feeling some indications that he may be developing arthritis in […]

Greens & Beans, Made with Love and Perfect Vision

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Hi all! After a little summer hiatus, I’m happy to be back to blogging! Really, I was planning to start writing again last week, but unfortunately I had a bit of a run-in with a bush. Yup, in an effort to tidy things up around the yard and do some trimming back of dead branches, […]